Who We Are

Loren Wood Builders is a family-owned company with a deep commitment to conscientious construction. What do we mean by that? We value our clients, our employees and our subcontractors, and we respect these relationships. We’re proud of the work we do in our community, and we strive to contribute positively in all aspects of our business.

How We Build

Sustainable building depends upon the quality of the work as well as the materials and methods the builder puts to use. We work with homeowners to explore options that make sense with your values and your budget. Sourcing local materials and local craftsmen helps minimize environmental impact and infuse resources back into our community.

To provide the highest quality work possible, we rely heavily on our top-notch employees. To recruit the best and to honor their service, we pay all of our employees a living wage. All Loren Wood Builders employees also participate in profit sharing and receive a competitive benefits package. We believe that these are a basic right of workers in our community, and we are proud to treat our employees with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

To bring additional resources to bear on your project, we have brought on board the team behind McCanse Builders, an Illinois firm (now closed to partner with Loren Wood Builders) owned by Loren’s uncle and cousin. This connection offers us a unique and rewarding opportunity to work with family, and also provides our clients with an even richer set of experiences.

Our Team

Loren Wood Builders benefits from a highly proficient leadership team and a company of multi-talented and dedicated carpenters and electricians.

Rick McCanse, Loren’s uncle and founder of McCanse Builders has been building houses for over forty years. His projects range from the straightforward to the sublime. Rick has developed special expertise in sustainable building. His award-winning projects have been featured in numerous print media and on television.

Seth McCanse, Rick’s son and Loren’s cousin, was co-owner of McCanse Builders. In addition to running his own projects, Seth acts as the financial and administrative lead for our team.

Dan Crites leads our remodeling projects. Dan started his career building houses and, after a hiatus teaching school, happily returns to residential construction.

Joel Keefer is the most recent addition to our project management team. Joel’s breadth of experience in the supervision and cultivation of projects from the most initial phase through completion makes him the perfect addition to our management crew.

Brad Snyder, founder of Lone Wolf Electric, joined Loren Wood Builders in 2014, thereby bringing all of our electrical services in-house.  Brad has over 23 years of experience as a licensed electrician.

Coley Gillespie consults on Loren Wood Builders in-house design enterprises.  A deft textile artist, Coley has a natural flair for composition and color and lends an imaginative perspective to our projects.

Our very gifted crew includes Curt Silvers- lead carpenter, Dylan Grigar- lead carpenter, Garrett Kane- framing carpenter, Jake Cifuentes- framing carpenter, John Vinson- lead carpenter and electrician, Nick Doub- lead carpenter, Rick Dyer- lead framing carpenter, Hondo- lead framing carpenter, Robert Stright- lead carpenter and trim expert, Russell Wyatt- master trim carpenter, Willard Norris- carpenter and electrician, Jake Loudenbarger- carpenter and mason, George Wyatt- framing carpenter, Nathaniel Baker- trim carpenter, Ben Jutzi- framing carpenter, and Sarah Woolford- project management intern and carpenter.

We are thankful for each member of our team and together we are proud to be Loren Wood Builders.

Why We Care

As a company, we recognize that builders play an important role in maintaining and sustaining the character of a community. From Bloomington’s downtown bungalows to the farmhouses that lay on its outskirts, our city is a beautiful one. Older homes deserve careful and attentive repairs and remodels. New homes warrant conscientious construction and fastidious attention to detail. We strive to do our part in preserving Bloomington’s unique character.

Conscientious construction goes beyond the finish details, however. We know that home construction projects can be stressful. Accordingly, we do our best to minimize the impact of the process on your lives, and to preserve your sanity. We pledge to work efficiently and diligently to complete your project. Since our job site is your home, we’ll keep it shipshape. Our employees are experienced, professional, and exceedingly polite. You’ll be glad to have them working for you.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to help you realize your vision for your home. Whether it’s building your dream house, expanding your space, or renovating to restore your home to its peak condition, Loren Wood Builders will undertake your project enthusiastically and with great care.

An appreciation for good design and attention to craftsmanship are fundamental to our company. These values apply to all of our projects, from custom cabinetry installation to repairing damaged drywall.

We want our clients to feel absolutely confident that their project was done correctly.