Acoustical Modification

Friday we wrapped up an acoustical optimization job.  This install went in a music studio inside an addition that we finished up last year.  While the initial construction in the studio was designed to acoustically isolate the studio from the living spaces in the house, the acoustics of the room were not up-to-snuff as far as optimizing the quality of the sound within for the musician who plays there.

The homeowners hired acoustician Patrick Le Ro and Klinger Favre, a French acoustical firm. (Contact: 917 734 7847).  I asked Patrick to describe what the design process looks like for tackling the acoustics on a job like this.  Here’s what he says about their typical design package:

“The process includes a consultation, where I get to hear the space, meet the client and become familiar with the sound aesthetic they are after. I perform a spectrum analysis. And leave with a full blue print of the space with the understanding of all mechanical installation and rooms around that space.” The consultation is then followed by an Acoustical Report, which usually takes 2 weeks, between all the calculations and incorporation of the clients design requirements. And finally a more or less extensive Building Manual for local contractors.

The composition of the ceiling and wall elements that you see are quite complex, as the outer shapes represent just a portion of the construct.  To honor the acoustical firm’s work and any proprietary considerations about the designs, I will not post any of the actual design pages.