The Best Place to Work

Last week we found out that we made #6 on the Best Place to Work list for Bloomington. This is an anonymous survey taken by the LWB team and sent in to be scored for placement. While there are lots of factors that play into the results, I wanted to step outside of the data and share a little more about our special company and team.

This place is different, it’s real. The people connect on a family level, and we support each other, inside and outside of work. I started a new position here earlier this year and my first week was filled with meeting lots of new faces, lots of laughter and sarcasm, and an overwhelming sense of being at a place that felt like home to me.

Over the last 5 months, I’ve seen lots of things like coworkers helping other coworkers with emergency home projects, the wholehearted support of grieving coworkers, huge send-offs and tears as we say farewell to teammates…that somehow never really leave us. I’ve heard sincere words of encouragement and thanks and witnessed so many exchanges of friendly hugs. I’ve seen people build each other up and congratulate others for the hard work they do. I’ve seen beautiful craftsmanship and impressive design structures, and some of the dirtiest, hard work, driven by dedication and pride. I’ve seen clients crossover into forever LWB friends and read the most heartfelt reviews. I’ve seen the team come together in such an impressive way to get the job done or to help solve problems that arise. I’ve personally been heard and listened to like no other place I’ve ever worked before. There is a heartbeat that exists in this company that is powered by support, appreciation, friendship, love and hard work.

I wanted to step outside of the #6 ranking that we received and show the real LWB. Here are some pictures that we share internally on our company messenger that no one ever gets to see. Also, a few folks on our team wanted to share their thoughts about working at LWB.

In our hearts, we made #1 and that’s what matters.

~ Amber Connor

View the Herald-Times article here.

I love working at Loren Wood Builders because of its positive work environment. They use a technic of true collaboration with all of their highly skilled employees. Loren Wood Builders has an honest conscience and open-mindedness towards their clients, community, and environment. I love working here because they are the bar that other businesses should follow if they want to be truly successful. Not to mention it is absolutely FUN to work with all of these wonderful human beings and clients! There’s wonderful fellowship, compassion, and togetherness. It’s a place to form lifelong friendships with great people. Loren Wood Builders offer very aggressive pay, benefits, and a healthcare plan that is exceptional. I’m proud to work here. It is the best place I have ever worked and I’ve had some awesome jobs!
~ Jacob Hyer

At sixty-seven years old, I’m rapidly approaching my retirement. I’ve been Partner, owner, or manager of seven or eight businesses. I’ve worked closely with owners of dozens more. LWB is far and away better than any of those companies when measured by any qualitative metric. Loren and the management team are some of the smartest and best-hearted people I’ve ever known. We make our policy and hiring decisions based on adherence to our core values. Everyone we employ is dedicated to the Client, The community, The work quality. and to the company. Every company out there calls its employees their team. LWB actually is a team of people that support each other. celebrate each other, and hold themselves accountable to our values. I can’t express how thankful I am that I get to finish my career in this town, with these people, doing the best and most beautiful construction I’ve ever done. I love this company.
~ Rick McCanse

I am extremely proud to be a part of a team that values quality craftsmanship, collaboration, and commitment to the community. I look forward to the work we do day in and day out thanks to the team and culture that LWB has created. My co-workers are passionate about the work that we do. This is reflected in the atmosphere of the company and in the amazing projects we are always involved in. When I started in 2015, it was immediately apparent to me that I had found my place. This is truly the greatest job I have ever had and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
~ Dylan Grigar

I felt valued, respected and trusted from day 1. It’s a culture of connection, laughter, and getting stuff done! I also love how it’s a company of high integrity and environmental awareness from the top down.
~ Nick Kane

I feel fortunate to be on the team at Loren Wood Builders. The environment at LWB is unique– there is a wonderful mix of creativity, craftsmanship, camaraderie and work ethic. As the company has grown, the culture has actually improved. The LWB commitment to a tolerant and collegial workplace affects all aspects of our projects. We nurture relationships with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. The end result, I think, is a product of which we can be proud and a company culture that allows every LWB employee to achieve their potential.
~ Joel Keefer

I started at Loren Wood Builders with little experience in the field. I was nervous about starting a career in carpentry; we use power tools, climb tall ladders, and lift heavy objects. Since day one, the LWB crew has made me feel empowered, confident, and excited to do the work that we do! Each day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to continue learning. I love working with Loren Wood Builders!
❤️ LWB !!
~ Bailey Swan

I love working in a place where I get hugs from my coworkers!
~ Coley Gillespie

I was a customer of Loren Wood Builders and during the experience, I was so impressed with the quality, dedication and optimistic nature of every person that worked on building my home. I decided that due to that, and the excellent work that was done, I would like to transfer my project management skills into a new industry. That was almost 2 years ago and I cannot remember the last time I was at a job this long and not even remotely considering a move. This is by far the most dedicated team, with the best leadership that I have had the good fortune to be a part of. It is also the only place I have been that has the level of supportive, learning the culture that makes it so easy to ask for help with a problem. It starts at the top and completely permeates the whole organization. It truly is the best place I have ever worked.
~ Lloyd Williams