Birdhouses for Bluebirds

We are continuously inspired by Sycamore Land Trust and its efforts to help restore native bird populations to the Midwest. After seeing a post from them about birdhouses that they had put up, we contacted Chris Fox, the Land Stewardship Director, and he provided us with multiple birdhouse plans for building our own.

One of our finish carpenters, Thaddeus Walker, created this first birdhouse using reclaimed redwood from old vats and reclaimed copper scrap from one of our remodels for the roof. He hemmed the roof by hand, which can be taken off for cleaning the inside, and also hand-tooled the copper nails to best fit the overall aesthetic. The design we chose to use was closest to the standard birdhouse design.

We are so grateful for the work that the Sycamore Land Trust does every day to help preserve our natural habitats in and around Indiana. If you’d like to build your own birdhouse you can download the designs below that work best for native bluebirds and swallows.

Standard Design

Peterson Box Design

Troyer Box Design