Reclaimed Urban Timber

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Bluestone Tree for years and are very excited about their recent expansions in offering reclaimed urban timber. This is a hyper-local rescue of diseased and dying trees that would otherwise turn into landfill products or be burned for fuel. Both burning and mulching will ultimately release the carbon stored in these trees into the atmosphere.

Keeping in line with one of our core principles, which is a commitment to lowering the environmental impact in our construction process, we can use these products that Bluestone brings to the market and salvage these beautiful wood slabs and other byproducts of these trees for use in our projects.

These products consist of a variety of all local trees that Bluestone is called upon to remove or takedown. Since bluestone has the capacity to both mill and kiln-dry, there are myriad opportunities for using them, both in our residential and our commercial properties. Among other uses, our carpenters, Jacob Hyer, and Thaddeus Walker have refinished multiple slabs for use as desks and a conference table in our office remodel and in multiple residential homes. 

We are so grateful for this service that Bluestone provides in our community and their forward-thinking approach with these environmental practices that help find ways to minimize the environmental impact of both their work and ours.