Bob Stright – The Music Man

Master trim carpenter Bob Stright has been with Loren Wood Builders for around two years. Bob’s fastidiousness impresses clients and crew alike. Bob is “King of the Jig”- spending meaningful time creating fixtures, devices, and processes in order for his trim installs to go smoothly and, in the end, more quickly.

Bob learned carpentry as a teenager. Before re-entering the world of construction, Bob was busy raising two children and teaching part-time — jazz appreciation and songwriting classes at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.

All of us at LWB have been inspired by Bob’s musical talent as much as his construction craftsmanship. Outside of work, Bob spends time in several bands and ensembles. Trained in a host of instruments, Bob’s specialty is the vibraphone.

And what are the similarities between music and carpentry? Bob’s take is this: “In both instances you want everything to work together in harmony. The projects should both be thought of as a composition as a whole. Nothing should appear out of place when the project is finished.”

In graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Bob was the percussion instructor for the UW marching band. Once a year for six years Bob would conduct the national anthem in front of 80,000 people at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. This experience is certainly a far cry from the sometimes solitary work of a trim carpenter. To catch Bob in a more intimate musical setting, head down to the Bloomington’s Malibu Grill on a Friday night. Chances are you will find Bob Stright playing piano and singing the classics, all with the same spirit, skill and finesse with which he approaches his day job at LWB!