Carbon Neutral Initiatives

We recently launched a new initiative to look at our carbon footprint and the impact our construction business has on the environment. Our core values are centered around being good citizens of our local community and the world as a whole, and part of that also means being good climate citizens.

Acknowledging the significant role carbon emissions play in driving climate change, we set a goal to be completely carbon neutral in 10 years. One of the steps that we took toward that goal last year was to partner with Carbon Neutral Indiana to start by offsetting the carbon emissions from our office, shop, and vehicular use from our crew. 

Upon the recommendation of a valued client and friend, we connected with Daniel from Carbon Neutral Indiana. He made a compelling case for how easy it can be to make a real difference in offsetting our carbon emissions. Daniel highlighted the tangible difference we could make by offsetting our carbon emissions, demonstrating that even small steps toward sustainability can yield significant results.

The process started with an easy survey to fill out that helped us quantify our carbon impact from our daily business practices and the associated costs of offsetting emissions. He also showed us how they verify that those emissions offsets are real, and are making a difference. 

In addition to this, we continue to work on other steps to improve our environmental impact. We installed a large solar array on our office building (and then recently added more panels via Bloomington’s SEEL Grant), we started transitioning our fleet to vehicles for daily use, and we are constantly researching materials and methods to quantify and reduce the carbon impact of our construction builds. 

We’ve now been partnering with CNI to offset our carbon emissions since early last year and are very excited to be a part of real environmental change. We’re grateful for the opportunity that CNI creates for both homeowners and businesses to offset their carbon use and take meaningful steps toward carbon neutrality.