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Join Our Team!
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We are currently seeking a full-time electrician to join our team at Loren Wood Builders. Our ideal candidate will have a considerable amount of experience in the field; preference will be given …

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Timber-framed barn

This barn is framed using all traditional pegged mortice and tenon joinery. The entire frame was constructed using beams from a salvaged industrial barn in Indianapolis. As such, it represents an exciting combination of local materials and local tradition, and it has been a really gratifying project to undertake. The finished structure will have an equestrian …

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Master bath

As you probably know, bathrooms are one of the quickest things to become outdated in a home. In addition, they withstand a ton of use.  For both reasons, they’re frequent targets of renovation projects. In case you’re planning your own and looking for inspiration, I wanted to share some photos of a project we worked …

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Flooring choices

Choosing the right flooring is one of the most fundamental aspects of home design, but it’s often one that is glossed over quickly. We’ve had the opportunity lately to use some really great materials.
Hardwood is a classic choice for any home, but there are so many options in terms of wood type, grade, plank …

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Project update


We are just in the  finishing touches stage of a farm house that we began construction on last year.   While there are many features that I would like to highlight, I think that in this post I will just include some pictures of the almost-finished work.  This has been …

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Post and beam renovation in the hills of Monroe County

Not long ago, we were hired by a couple who is moving to Bloomington to retire and has bought an old post and beam house on the outskirts of town.  The bones of the house are wonderful, but the house itself has been neglected and the entire house was in dire need of an overhaul. …

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Before and after in kitchen

In the same remodel that saw the slate countertops, we redid the entire kitchen, as well.   While we kept the walls where they were, we streamlined the design, recessing the fridge into the wall and opening up the cabinet layout to accommodate access into the adjacent hallway.  In addition to the custom cabinetry and countertops, we …

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Slate countertops from old chalkboards

This past week we finished up a whole-home renovation near Bryan Park.  While there were many noteworthy features in this home, my favorite components of the remodel are the two bathroom vanity tops. Some years back, the homeowners had salvaged some old slate chalkboards from IU.  They had used them for various purposes over the …

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Insulating from the outside

We are currently doing an addition and renovation, part of which includes new siding and windows on the existing portion of the house.   Because the existing structure had celotex sheathing and no insulation in the stud cavities, we are removing the celotex, furring out the studs to the full wall depth so that they …

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Raising the roof

One of our current projects is a whole home makeover.   Not only are we taking this down to the bones and renovating the entire thing, but we are removing the trusses in a large portion of the house and replacing that space with a vaulted ceiling.  Because all of the bearing heights have been raised, we …

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