Remodel • Custom Installation

Custom Cedar Corbels

This home is fairly new, but the decorative corbels used by the original builder were composed simply of construction lumber and extended past the eaves and rake overhangs with no attempts at flashing. The result was that every one of the corbels on the home had significant amounts of rot and insect damage. Ultimately, we removed them entirely and rebuilt with cedar. The new corbels were fabricated using rough cedar which was surfaced, jointed, planned. The planks were then glued together and cut out on the bandsaw.

By design, we added a 45° member to aid in the support of the eve in order to add strength to the existing design. This also added a decorative detail which was inspired by the trellis on the front of the house. The detail added structural integrity and was cohesive with the existing look of the home.

It was logistically challenging to remove and replace the corbels but we were excited by the challenge to design and build out. Here you will see the rotted corbels, the finished cedar corbels installed, and some photos during the design and creation process. We are very pleased with the finished look!