Charitable Requests

Loren Wood Builders Social Responsibility Strategy

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

From the inception of this company, the team at Loren Wood Builders has maintained a commitment to investing in and giving back to our community. We believe that this community, which supports and nourishes us, requires support and nourishment in return.

At Loren Wood Builders, our core focus is designing and building homes for people in and around our community. As such, we want to focus our efforts on the needs where we feel most suited to add value. By leveraging our capital and specific industry knowledge, we aim to help as we can in the following areas:

  • Safe, Affordable Housing
  • Food Security
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Education
  • Supporting a Diverse & Thriving Community

Unfortunately, due to the large number of the following types of organizations in our community, we cannot offer donations to:

  • Sports teams/extracurricular activities/organizations
  • Churches
  • Political Groups

Please complete the following brief questionnaire as completely as possible so that we can become more familiar with your organization.