Chimney/Porch Update

Today we finished framing the porch around the chimney that I talked about last week.  As I mentioned before, we framed the porch with locally cut and milled poplar.  The material was air-dried, rather than kiln dried, which creates a unique set of challenges.  The wood is arguably less stable than kiln-dried material.   In fact, all of it had seen some “movement” by the time we started framing with it. This said, the upsides for me outweighed the cost.  The look that we are going for here is rough-sawn and natural; this definitely has that.  Beyond that, the kiln drying process creates a much more energy-intense material.  In keeping with our effort to minimize embodied energy in any material that we use, the local, air-dried poplar felt like the best fit. In one of the pictures below you can see Pat cutting off the posts. We set the posts long and framed the rafters and collar-ties around them, then cut them flush with a chainsaw after the rafters were all up. The other photos show the interior of the finished structure, one from the inside of the house looking out onto the porch.