Board & Batten Siding

We are in the middle of installing siding on one of our current projects.  To match the siding details on an existing building on the property, we are using a combination of corrugated Cor-ten and board & batten.  Cor-ten is a really neat material that is used for both roofing and siding.  The material that we use is 22 gauge and will start rusting immediately.  It is a steel alloy that was developed to form a protective rust covering relatively quickly.  The rust does two things: it gives it a nice red patina, and it eliminates the need for a protective coating.  It also fits right into the traditional farm house aesthetic that we are shooting for on this house.  The combination of the Cor-ten and our board & batten siding is looking fantastic (see pictures below)!

A quick note on board & batten:  it is a look that, in our area of the country, is most typically done in our area on barns and rustic outbuildings.  However, I believe that with special attention to the flashing and trim details, it can still have a subtle elegance.  The pictures below show some of those trim and flashing details.