Porch Remodel

Crandall Ct. Porch Remodel

These clients contacted us with the intent to reclaim their outdoor space on the Southeast side of Bloomington. The deck that was originally installed on this custom home was starting to lose its original luster. The treated boards and framing had taken on quite a bit of moisture and were rotting in places. Our team was hired to demolish the old deck and build back something more functional and safe. We worked with their son who is an architect out of Hollywood, California to reimagine the space altogether.

Franklin Studios laid out the plans for a larger open deck area with a curved railing. One challenge was to tie in an existing screened area to seamlessly transition to the new deck. Our crew framed the 450 square foot deck after tearing down the existing structure and pouring new footings for posts.

Composite deck boards were installed using hidden fasteners. The railing system is painted aluminum and we bent the top cap to follow the curve using a deck board bending heat blanket. After some research and trial, our trim crew was able to get the perfect curve to the railing that truly defines the space. We connected the new structure to the existing porch with a sliding screen door.

The homeowners are thrilled with their new outdoor entertaining space. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to completely overhaul the deck in its beautiful setting. We know this new area will be enjoyed for many years to come!