Daniel St. Kitchen Remodel

We do lots of kitchen remodels, but most of them are total gut jobs. This kitchen was exciting because we were able to accomplish quite a bit while preserving the original cabinetry, appliances, and flooring. Due to logistical limitations, we opted to keep the cabinets on this project and just repaint the boxes and face-frames, while replacing the doors, drawers, and hardware. We did add a row of base cabinets to the peninsula to provide a larger surface area and seating opportunity at that location. This also allowed us to create some unique storage options for the water filter that had previously occupied quite a bit of space in the sink base.

In addition to the repaint and refacing of the cabinetry, we switched out a window for a door and added some lighting throughout the kitchen, which served to further modernize the space.

While the scope of this project was narrower than much of the remodeling that we undertake, we were excited about what a profound change these few subtle tweaks had on the space.

Check out the before photos that demonstrate the full transformation: