Happy Retirement to Brad Snyder

Our esteemed colleague, friend, and leader of our electric team, Brad Snyder, is headed into his well-deserved retirement. Brad has admirably led our electric team since 2013. 

Brad’s local journey began when he relocated from Michigan to Indiana in 1981, initially working as a painter. His path led him to Nashville, where he established a connection at Star Electric, honing his skills in electrical work and mastering the trade. After a decade of dedication, Brad earned his certification following approval and received licensure. Afterward, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Lone Wolf Electric in 1994. Over 25 years, Brad nurtured his business, expanding it into a team of four dedicated workers.

“I worked with Loren as a subcontractor, contemplating retirement from my own business. Eventually, I approached Loren about joining his team. That’s when I became their first in-house team member,” Brad explained.

Brad spearheaded electrical layout and design across the majority of our projects, engaging directly with clients on-site to refine and finalize designs. A few notable contributions include the Lake Monroe Home, North Ramble Road, and Linden Hill Remodel projects. 

As Brad transitions out, he’s graciously providing support to our team for as long as necessary until everyone is settled. He leaves our electric team in capable hands: Alyssa Bullock, our Project Designer and Certified Lighting Specialist, will manage the electrical design, drawings, layout, and fixture selections. Erik Weaver, our lead Licensed Electrician, will oversee project planning, scheduling, estimation, and material handling.

“I’ve cherished my years of work immensely; it’s the very reason I postponed my retirement. However, I believe that when one door closes, others open. Retirement has presented me with new opportunities that I’m looking forward to,” Brad reflects.

He enjoys the freedom of structuring his day as he sees fit. Brad considers himself incredibly fortunate to have spent 50 fulfilling years engaged in work he loves. As he navigates this new chapter, he remains open to whatever the future may hold. His days are filled with crafting custom lamps, working with colored glass panels and light, and working on projects in his workshop. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family and grandchildren, whom he loves dearly.

Brad was a mentor and sounding board to many of the crew members. His sense of humor and warm personality will be greatly missed around the office and on job sites. Brad has been an integral part of LWB, and his absence will undoubtedly take some getting used to. We extend our heartfelt wishes for the very best of luck and abundant enjoyment in his well-deserved retirement!

Special messages from our team:

Brad Snyder introduced himself to me during an all-team framing day on my first day at Loren Wood Builders in 2016. At the time, Brad drove a white box truck in which he kept his tools and that he used to haul all of the job site recycling to the recycling center. I was happy to find a place to be useful that first morning, and Brad and I broke down boxes together and got to know each other a bit. 

In the following years, Brad became a friend and mentor. Brad is a wonderful electrician, but he is a better person. I found myself tapping into Brad’s knowledge of the overall building process, not just the electrical scope. One of the joys of working with Brad was watching him take other new hires under his wings– supporting and guiding new LWB additions as the company grew. 

Brad, and his beautiful wife Mo, are a huge part of the LWB family. All of us at LWB have learned about the construction industry from Brad. But the most important lessons bestowed to us by Brad are those of empathy, kindness, and grace. He helped us all learn to be professionals, but he made us all better people too.

Brad Synder came on board with Loren Wood Builders as an in-house electrician over 8 years ago, after having worked for us as a sub-contractor for the 4 years prior. Having Brad and his crew join our team was one of the transformative moments for LWB, as it opened our eyes to what was possible for us and our clients if we developed an in-house team of craftspeople. 

8 years later, the electric team continues to be a central part of what makes us special in our market and our work and has created a template for other areas of our company. 

Brad has been a caring and dedicated member of the team. Brad is constantly working to uphold and promote our core values within our team. Beyond that, Brad has become a great friend to many of us and will be sorely missed on job sites and around the office.

Loren Wood Builders started a site coordination meeting for an amazing project along Rogers Street back in 2017 where an existing Church had seen better days and I was part of a team of architects along with LWB and a great client who saw a great opportunity for an adaptive reuse project. The existing Church would be transformed into a climbing gym. Brad Snyder introduced himself while I was part of this meeting with Duke Energy. His amazing candor and easy approach to a critical issue he detected convinced me that his recommendation was the best route to take for the project. It was then that I knew that I had met such a great guy who would follow up to the best of his abilities and knowledge for the benefit of the client and Loren Wood Builders’ commitment to best practices. 

Brad has a critical eye in many different areas and one of them was a commitment to recycling. We spent a good amount of time, back in the tiny house, thinking about how we could improve the ways we could recycle on our job sites and at our office. Also, let’s not forget his great sense of humor!

Brad’s dedication and attention to detail reflect our commitment to our clients and our colleagues. Brad is a dear friend of mine and I will continue to pick his brain as long as he allows me to. Brad will be missed by all of us and let’s be frank, his silver hair is awesome. I wish I could have that hair.

Brad is always caring and always has a positive attitude. He’s patient with everyone, even when he’s not feeling like it. He’s an amazing guy, he’s my friend, and I’m going to miss him. And yes, his hair is certainly awesome. 🙂

It has been such a blessing to apprentice under Brad. From the first day I started working at LWB he offered attention and patience while I gained my footing as a new electrician. He shared his expertise and insights from his long career in ways that were helpful and supportive while I was learning. His approachability and knowledge make him an incredible asset to our team, one that will certainly be missed. Congratulations on your retirement, Brad! I hope you still pop in from time to time to check on us!

Soon after I started working at LWB, I began working on obtaining a lighting design certification. About 24 hours after successfully passing my exam, I was on a job site with Brad working on an exterior landscape lighting project. Despite Brad’s extensive knowledge and experience, he instantly treated me as if I knew as much as he did and genuinely valued the opinion I had to offer. Brad’s patience and willingness to collaborate continued throughout the entire time we worked together.

Although Brad and I didn’t get to work together long, he quickly became a mentor and a friend. He taught me a ton while we worked together and is still always excited to get together to discuss lighting and allow me to continue learning from him. I will miss working with him at LWB, but am so happy our paths crossed when they did!