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Custom Lighted Stair Railings

While larger construction projects represent the bulk of our work, custom installations remain a niche service that we provide. We love these opportunities to create innovative and elegant solutions to household problems that arise on our projects.

These custom lighted stair railings presented a unique opportunity to combine form and function. Our lead electrician, Brad Snyder, lead architect, Ernesto Castaneda, and finish carpenters, Jacob Hyer and Thaddeus Walker all came together to design and build these lighted railings. While we have done various exterior and interior lighted railings in the past, these represented our first attempt at lighting a functional interior wood stair-rail.

The biggest hurdle with this piece was figuring out how to accommodate building code, which limits the size and shape of the handrail (it had to be graspable from both sides), while keeping a clean aesthetic. Unlike traditional brackets and fasteners, this rail was designed to have a seamless look with hidden fasteners. Brad’s electric team installed low voltage wiring where the handrail connected to the wall. In order to create a seamless look with no wires showing, we had to take extra care during mechanical rough-in to make sure that the driver and the leeds for the LED lighting were in the right place. We then cut a channel on the bottom of the rail and placed a standard LED track light within the channel and added a diffuser over the top to soften the light.

The result is a one of a kind piece with which the entire team was really pleased. The new rail adds an additional element of safety, while brightening the stairway and providing an interesting lighting detail that is custom to this home.