Master Bath

As you probably know, bathrooms are one of the quickest things to become outdated in a home. In addition, they withstand a ton of use.  For both reasons, they’re frequent targets of renovation projects. In case you’re planning your own and looking for inspiration, I wanted to share some photos of a project we worked on recently. More and more, homeowners are looking for an open shower design. Getting away from the tub/shower combo – and the shower curtain – can be really liberating. Several projects we’ve worked on recently incorporated walk-in showers. A tiled wall or half wall, a curb, or a glass panel serve as the sole water barrier.  The project below used a fixed glass wall to stunning effect, I think. Check out how the glass returns directly into the ceiling, and at the bottom, how it is channeled right into the tiled shower curb.

The tile for this project is an affordable porcelain, but it mimics the look of Carrara marble. In addition to its cost advantage, the porcelain makes for much easier cleaning than marble.  The large format (24×24) provides some drama, and natural feel of the tile is complemented by the warmth of the matte gold finish on the hardware.

For the shower floor, the homeowners wanted to use another warm, natural material. They chose cedar. We were excited for the challenge! Although cedar is naturally resistant to water damage, it will weather. To be sure that it retained its beauty over years daily and wear and tear, we employed an innovative technique. We actually created a traditional tiled shower floor below the cedar. The tiled floor incorporates the drain. The cedar floor “floats” over the tiled floor. A couple of inches of space between the cedar slats and the tile allow the moisture to evaporate. The entire floating floor system lifts out so that it can be maintained (regular oiling will keep the cedar in gorgeous condition).

This bathroom is all letting the materials speak for themselves, and accordingly, the homeowners kept the design minimalistic. The “vanity” is actually just a broad shelf constructed of reclaimed Douglas fir and mounted on brackets. A ceramic vessel sink and a wall-mounted faucet are simple and beautiful. The long narrow mirror accentuates the drama of the long vanity. Of course, the ample natural light is the key ingredient in this master bath, and the big windows provide a view to the outside shower located in a private patio just beyond.