Middle Way Project

We were recently contacted by the Middle Way House, to help them with their “Doorway to Dreams” project. Their Rise and Shine daycare was open, however, their entryway was lacking organizational space and the ability to store items. Lauren Fox, the facilities manager, described the space as, “a hodge-podge mess of non-functional cubbies, tables, out of season play items, strollers, etc. I have been working with our Childcare Coordinator, Leah, to identify the opportunities that lay before us to create a functional, safe, and inviting space to welcome families and children into the program.”  

We met with them to review their project and go over their dream board showing the vision for the space. They shared with us how important it is to have a space a child can call their own when they arrive here, and that being able to do this allows them to feel comfortable from the beginning.

Over the next 3 weeks our project manager, Lloyd Williams framed up two new partition walls inside the space and did final measurements for the cabinetry and cubby storage units. Many other local partners also donated materials and labor, including Laminated Tops, who built and installed the service counter tops, Carpets Plus/Colortile, who replaced the office flooring, and Price Electric who helped troubleshoot and prep for some replacement light fixtures.

Our finish carpenters, Will Hill, Nathaniel Baker, and Jacob Hyer, designed and built the components needed for the space and added final touches like whiteboard inserts on each cubby for the children’s names. They then delivered and installed the pieces by securing them to the walls. The end result is a space that is organized, inviting, and highly functional.  

We are so happy to have been a part of this project and help such a deserving organization that is doing so much to help our community and the families in need.