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Builder's Notes, Designer's Notes

Our Service Areas Have Grown

As our team has grown, so has our capacity and desire to serve areas outside of what has historically been our core Monroe County home. In recent years, this growth has taken us to Columbus, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas, and this growth feels like the next logical step in the evolution of our...

Builder's Notes

Carbon Neutral Initiatives

We recently launched a new initiative to look at our carbon footprint and the impact our construction business has on the environment. Our core values are centered around being good citizens of our local community and the world as a whole, and part of that also means being good climate citizens. Acknowledging the significant...

Team Spotlight

Happy Retirement to Brad Snyder

Project Designers Priscilla Rocha and Tucker Jaroll went on a trip that started in Brasília and ended with a fifteen-hour road trip to Rio de Janeiro where they spent a handful of sunny days in Copacabana. Brasília is known for its modernist architecture, so they were really looking forward to exploring the city.

Builder's Notes, Designer's Notes

ADU’s in Bloomington

In the past few years, as Bloomington has started allowing ADUs by right, we have seen an increase in inquiries and requests for these projects. We have had the opportunity to take part in a couple of ADU projects. One was designing and renovating the original (but distressed) limestone garage that existed on our...

Builder's Notes, Designer's Notes

Introducing our Client-Centric Design Studio

We recently acquired our neighboring building which was formerly a travel agency to expand our office workspace. This client-centric space, now known as the Design Studio, serves as an extension of our creative team’s domain and plays an integral part in our overall design process. The design studio provides designers and clients with a...