Our Service Areas Have Grown

As our team has grown, so has our capacity and desire to serve areas outside of what has historically been our core Monroe County home. In recent years, this growth has taken us to Columbus, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas, and this growth feels like the next logical step in the evolution of our company and our team.

To this end, we recently signed a lease for a shared property in the Jungclaus-Campbell building, situated on the vibrant Massachusetts Ave. in Indianapolis. We are thrilled to be carving out a spot for ourselves in such a dynamic and historic area! While our roots and main office will stay in Bloomington, we are so excited to be opening this second location.

Last week, we started the demolition of our new office space, which has been reimagined by our design team. Meanwhile, our construction team is working (at times around the clock) towards our goal of having it operational by mid-April. 

Over the years, we have managed to integrate our work and our commitment to the community into many of the organizations that make Bloomington and Monroe County special. As we establish our office and a permanent presence in the Indy market, we are excited to seek out those same relationships and community investment opportunities. 

We eagerly anticipate investing our team and our talents in Indianapolis. We are ready to contribute their skills and forge new relationships as we continue on this exciting journey.

Our new office address is 825 Massachusetts Ave. Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46204