Decks, Hardscaping & Patios


Of all the renovations that we do, I believe that porches are one of the most profound. In my opinion, a porch in our climate can add a ton of emotional value to a home, and potentially some economical value, as well. Porches give us a transition space from the inside to the outside. They allow us to experience the outdoors without being physically in the weather. A covered screen porch can also mitigate sun and bugs, effectively enlarging your living space for at least 3 seasons of the year. Additionally, as renovation projects go, porch additions/renovations tend to have a very minimal impact on the occupants of the home
during the renovation, itself.


We recently contracted with Loren Wood Builders to demolish and rebuild our back deck. The (not very old) deck had rotted beyond repair and we wanted a bigger, more functional unit. We decided on a two-story screened in porch but did not want to do the design work ourselves. We’ve hired out quite a few home projects and maintenance issues over the years – with varying – mostly unsatisfying – results. I was tired of unreliable contractors/sub contractors and subpar work. So, I did some significant research and decided that Loren Wood Builders would be a perfect fit. I can unequivocally state that – from start to finish and top to bottom – this experience was excellent. Ernesto Castaneda did the design, Seth McCanse spearheaded the team, and we had Loren’s crew and other subcontractors filling out the project. Everyone was professional, on time, and delivered as expected. We were so pleased with the communication and professionalism throughout the entire process. My family is thrilled with the end product. We can’t wait for summer!


– Stephanie Moore | Client