Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve Boardwalks

Sycamore Land Trust, one of our favorite community partners, reached out to us to help them design, plan, and execute a partial rebuild of their Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve Boardwalk.

The plan had been to have a 3rd party contractor demolish the boardwalk and create access roads for removal and material staging. However, due to some beaver dams and an incredibly wet year, the Bottoms never dried out. For that reason, the boardwalk was removed by hand on the old boardwalk. Likewise, the new boardwalk was built from the staging area back out, with all materials being brought out on the new boardwalk by hand-cart.

The process was tedious and demanding and the weather was always a challenge, but the crew that worked on this job volunteered for the task and consistently volunteered for the assignment, despite the challenges.

We are proud to have been involved with such a special organization and grateful for the opportunity to help give back to the community and help maintain and preserve the environment that nurtures us.