Cameron Drive

Built in the ’80s, this gorgeous traditional home in Hoosier Acres was in need of an update when a young family purchased it in 2012. A major kitchen renovation was the heart of the project. Cosmetic updates also included custom white oak flooring on the upper level, removing tired wallpaper and refreshing walls, ceiling and trim with new paint; structural updates included raising door opening heights and adding new insulation. Now, the newly renovated kitchen, mudroom, and butler’s pantry (all featuring custom walnut cabinetry and Cambria quartz countertops) are truly show stopping. The renovations integrate seamlessly with older portions of the home while featuring the latest trends in design. We also raised a portion of the basement ceiling (adding an egress window for natural light and to bring the space up to code, replacing a drop ceiling and adding new drywall) to create a flexible, comfortable space that can function as a guest room.