Dillman Road Remodel

Our clients invited us to their hilltop home south of Bloomington to discuss a redesign of the space to better suit their needs. Their 30-year-old house, which rests atop the hillside and wedged into the terrain, with its original horizontal design elements, reflects early modern American styles. Brownstone adorned the facade and part of the fireplace, while angled siding and deep overhangs characterized its modest yet striking architecture.

Driven by a clear vision, the couple, both scientists specializing in brain research, aimed to transform their home. Their passion for literature and music necessitated a fresh space. The full remodel which included a new complete kitchen, library, music room, and garage, topped their renovation list.

Navigating the challenges of the site, our design team collaborated closely with the excavator to minimize disruption to the existing garden and landscaping. The result was a seamless facade with a modern touch, featuring ample glass to usher in natural light to key areas like the music/library room, living spaces, and bedrooms.

Unique design considerations, such as updating the central winding staircase and matching existing stone with new masonry work, added depth to the project. Ultimately, the clients were thrilled with the transformation of their forever home.

The design and construction processes unfolded organically, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team and the clients. Our clients handled the challenges of a whole-home renovation with gratitude and patience and our team feels so privileged to have had a part in this home transformation.

Photos by: Nolan Calisch