High Street

Our client purchased his childhood home from his parents and hired us to renovate the home. Updates include: Remodeled and enlarged kitchen; Upstairs master bath addition; old garage turned pool-house; new garage and yoga studio; updated hardscaping; as well as a new mudroom. All of this was done with an effort to maintain the original aesthetic and even the original materials from the home to the greatest degree possible. We repurposed and rehabilitated the original exterior doors from the home and worked to keep original windows in all areas possible. One of our favorite details in this home, that speaks to the home’s rich history with our clients, was the reuse of a structural post on which he and his siblings had their heights marked as they were growing up. The area in which this post originated no longer exists in the remodeled space, but we saved it, cleaned it up, and highlighted it in the entrance to their new kitchen. We could not be more pleased with how this home turned out.