Lake Monroe Modern Design

Our clients purchased this Lake Monroe lot from us and enlisted Loren Wood Builders to design and build their family home. Our architect Ernesto Castaneda worked with them to create a sharp, modern design that is softened by warm material choices and colors. 

This home sits comfortably on a gorgeous wooded lot. The back deck opens the house to the acres of hardwood forest. Poured concrete retaining walls are augmented with redwood lateral siding accents at the walkout basement patio and deck areas. Vertical redwood siding is combined with fiber cement 6” lap and panel schemes. Two mono-pitch standing-seam metal roof sections are joined by a flat roof intermediate space–  and skylights run the length of the ceiling in the main hallway.

Natural light and soft white walls set the stage for the interior spaces of this home. Our clients’ thoughtful tile choices, colorful artwork, and understated furnishings add splashes of color and texture to the living areas. 

The LWB design team worked with our clients to create interesting spaces inside the home. A trapezoidal office niche extends from the main corridor of the home. This angle play is echoed in the stairwell, which serves to offset the laundry/mudroom and garage at an 85-degree hinge point. LWB carpenters Jabez Harris and Thad Walker coordinated the interior build-out and installed the eased-edge white trim scheme throughout. Thad installed the hard maple treads and risers for the tapered stairs, which are complemented by a metal handrail and maple wood cap.

We are extremely pleased with how this home came together– we have given our clients a design-forward house that combines practicality and craftsmanship with state-of-the-art mechanical and insulation packages. At first glance, the home “sits” well on the lot, and deeper inspection brings home the attention-to-detail that we have come to expect from our building partners and our carpenters and crew.