Loren Wood Builders Facility

Around the end of 2015, we decided that we needed a new location that included parking for trucks and trailers, storage space for tools and materials, shop space for our carpenters, and office space for our staff. Furthermore, we wanted a centralized location that was zoned appropriately for a construction company. After lots of looking, we settled on a building that had been right under our nose. We purchased an old oil-change station at the intersection of 46 and 446 that had been damaged by multiple vehicle/building collisions. After removing buried tanks on the property and doing environmental cleanup both inside and out, we were ready to revitalize the building. We could not be happier with the functionality of our new space. We were able to utilize the old grease pit for downstairs storage, while pouring concrete over one bay and polishing it, for our finished office floor. With 12′ ceilings in the entry, hallway, and conference room, the space feels both inviting and elegant. In the other two bays, we still had room to create the storage and shop space that we required.

Outside, we utilized some huge natural limestone boulders to anchor our landscaping, as well as to discourage future traffic from colliding with our new office. Installation of a solar array to offset our electrical usage was the final piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, we could not be more pleased with how the space works for us, as well as how much better this intersection looks when we drive in and out of town!