Maxwell Lane Remodel

This kitchen that backs up to the beautiful backyard was in need of an update. We worked with Russ Herndon for the design of this remodel. By replacing the pine car siding ceiling and creating a recessed lighting layout the dining area was instantly brightened and now feels more open. We removed the existing cabinetry and rearranged the entire space, moving the sink, fridge, range and creating a larger window opening in a block wall to bring even more light into the space. 

The new island serves as the anchor for the kitchen and has a 12-inch overhang on one side. The cabinetry was built and installed by Stoll’s Woodworking and is custom to the space. We also removed a window and replaced it with a double door onto the back patio that allows access to the wonderful gardens in the back of the home. Overall, this transformation turned out wonderfully and we couldn’t be happier with the results.