Salt Creek Cycles

The owners of Salt Creek Cycles are close friends of the staff at Loren Wood Builders and with many avid cyclists on the crew, we were thrilled when they asked us to help them put some personalized touches on their new space. Their request was that we find some way to utilize reclaimed or extra materials that we had laying around, both to save money, as well as to create an established feel in what was actually a new commercial building.

We happened to have some extra reclaimed Douglas Fir beams from a post and beam project that we did a few years ago, along with some left-over corten steel from various projects. After sawing the beams into dimensional lumber, there was just enough to do both the front counters and the back workbench. The corten metal trimmed out the front of the countertop walls, creating just the established, somewhat industrial feel, that we were looking for. We also utilized some clear coated maple panels for the tool wall along the back.

At the end of the day, we are really happy with how the old materials add warmth and character to their space and we are thrilled with the resource that Salt Creek Cycles is adding to the B-line and to the core neighborhoods of Bloomington.