Secretly Group

Secretly Group manages several commercial properties and warehouses throughout town. They sought to consolidate their operations and identify a single warehouse capable of accommodating all their locations under one roof. The Hillside site, although an empty warehouse in a state of disrepair, with a failing roof, absence of a sprinkler system, and poorly constructed structures, presented an ideal opportunity. Despite its current condition, the warehouse had ample space for expansion and was a prime location.

Springpoint Architects developed a comprehensive plan to create an expansive warehouse that could allow for future retail space, all located on the B-line. Our team spearheaded enhancements to the building’s life safety mechanical systems, ensuring compliance with current codes. Additionally, we installed a new roof, lighting throughout the main warehouse, and conducted interior and exterior painting to enhance aesthetics. To promote energy conservation, we implemented a new roof and an integrated solar farm into the facility.

This project presented a special opportunity to rehabilitate a piece of Bloomington’s early industrial core. While this building had fallen into disrepair, we were afforded the opportunity to breathe new life into it by reinstating the integrity of an old warehouse on the B-line trail bordering Switchyard Park, transforming it from a dilapidated eyesore into a highly functional space. Today, it serves as the headquarters for a local record distribution company, marking a remarkable revitalization story for Bloomington.