Short Street Remodel

This remodel is part of our Bloomington Cohousing project and provided us with a unique opportunity to completely remodel and re-envision a very dilapidated 1970s-era home. 

There were quite a few discussions of tearing down the existing home and rebuilding from scratch in the very beginning, given the state of the structure and foundation. However, preserving the foundation, exterior walls, and trusses of the original home meant that we were able to keep those materials out of the landfill and also eliminated the additional materials and energy consumption that would have gone into all of the facets of building a new home. 

On the design side, remodeling the entire home allowed us to completely flip the kitchen location from the dark, north side of the house to the light-filled, southeast corner of the home. The main entrance to the home, the bedroom and bathroom locations, and living spaces have all been re-oriented as well, making the house feel more modern and functional. Finally, the addition of a screened porch and other open decks created lots of room for indoor and outdoor living. 

For us, the opportunity to take a home that is at the end of its functionality and breathe new life and time into it is one of the most special types of projects. In this instance, being able to do it for close friends was the icing on the cake. We are thrilled with how the home turned out and excited to have been a part of the process.