The Elm

We were brought on during the early design phase of this very exciting restaurant buildout in the Elm Heights neighborhood. This location is special to us, as it has housed a neighborhood grocery for years as K&S Mart and then later as a Bloomingfoods location. Bloomingfoods had closed the location and the building had sent vacant for some time before our clients purchased the building and started the journey down the road towards designing and building out the next iteration of a neighborhood gathering place.

David and Martha Moore (owners of the Pictura Gallery and the FAR center) hired the same architecture and design team that had designed the beautiful FAR gallery several years prior. We were thrilled to be brought onboard with Lauren Bordes and Evan Cerilli of Malane Benedetto to work with them through the design and buildout phase to help realize their vision.

The timing of this project was tricky in that we broke ground in early March of 2020, which coincided with the country shutting down and the global pandemic. While this timing was tough, it did give us some breathing room to take the time to fully execute the amazing details that our clients and the Malane Benedetto team envisioned and to bring them to fruition without being under a time crunch. 

We have had the unique opportunity to build and renovate some wonderful private and public spaces around town. This project, however, holds a special place in our hearts and represents some of the finest work that we have had the opportunity to execute. A special shout out to Tom, Nathaniel, Brandon, and Rhett, on our team, along with numerous partners who helped us deliver on this special space. 

Photos by: Nolan Calisch