Seth McCanse

Seth McCanse, Chief Financial Officer, and project manager joined Loren Wood Builders in March of 2015. Before joining the LWB team, Seth was part owner and CFO of his family business, McCanse Builders in Oregon, Illinois. Seth and his wife Jessica have two children: Grayson (12) and Edric (3).

Seth received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, during which time he was able to study abroad at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. After college, Seth worked as in technical sales and lived in Denver, Colorado, where he and Jessica met.

Seth credits his engineering background with helping him develop an analytical approach to solving problems — both in the building process and in the financial operations side of the business. Anyone who spends time around Loren Wood Builders knows that Seth’s love for systems efficiency is also hereditary — both his father and grandfather have engineering backgrounds. Seth’s dad, Rick, helped Loren start Loren Wood Builders and is currently an LWB project manager. Rick worked many years alongside Seth’s grandfather, Ed McCanse, in engineering and manufacturing.

Seth is Loren’s first cousin. His dad Rick is known company-wide as “Uncle Rick.” For Seth, working with family is a rewarding challenge, “When I moved here it was a risk because Loren and I were family. We didn’t want to jeopardize that relationship, but I feel freer to give feedback with him given our long history.  And there is a comfort level working with family. You know each other’s character, strengths, and weaknesses.”

In contrast to Seth’s calculating approach to his craft, he emphasizes the emotional rewards that are realized by working for LWB. “Building houses is rewarding. I love working with clients to see dreams come to fruition. I love having something concrete to put your hands on that you built. I love seeing the immediate results of our work.”