Slate Countertops from Old Chalkboards

This past week we finished up a whole-home renovation near Bryan Park.  While there were many noteworthy features in this home, my favorite components of the remodel are the two bathroom vanity tops. Some years back, the homeowners had salvaged some old slate chalkboards from IU.  They had used them for various purposes over the years, including as a hearth for a fireplace.  Between the homeowner, myself, and Sycamore Tile Works (who put to the tops together), we came up with a design that incorporated a radiused tile edging and the natural face of the slate and created something that I think is incredibly classy.  The slate was set on a bed of thinset over a plywood and cement-board substrate.  The bathrooms also saw new floor and shower tile, fixtures, and paint, but the countertops really stand out.  Check out some pictures below.