A Special Thanks to Our Summer Interns

We had the pleasure of having two interns join our design team this summer, Priscilla Rocha and Daniel Green. They were both a huge support with our growing workload and brought so much creativity and expertise. We want to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to our projects and we hope to work with them in the future.

Our design team wanted to speak a little more about their time here and how much they appreciated their work.

I had the opportunity to work closely with Dan Green. Aside from his tutelage with the design team, he helped with our transition and software crossover to Revit. 

Dan adapted amazingly fast to the unique residential design and details from his previous commercial work. While we completed at least 4 or 5 projects over the working months together; one of special note, we designed a more optimized, efficient, and very modern lake house planned for a late fall/early winter build. Convertible spaces accessed via large sliding panels, floor to ceiling glass front, and all in 1300 sq. ft. living space. An exercise in critical space planning and leisure lifestyle living – simple, not plain! 

Also, we just put finishing touches for a more refined and timeless facelift for a single level, nondescript 1970’s home. Imparting yet another modern update reminiscent of the California mid-century “case study” architecture coming out of post-WWII, this work reflects timeless and oh so crisp detailing. A once plain unnoticed house will now look as current as tomorrow. With Dan’s help and collaboration, this small but challenging design project surely will be on our site and will be a candidate for Dan’s personal portfolio, I am sure!   

~ Russ Herndon


Priscilla Rocha brings such great optics to our design team, not only does she bring a fantastic attitude to each project, but she also has such impressive representation in her work. Priscilla had such a great relationship with our clients and the rest of the team. I really enjoyed working with her and loved to see her drawings, very different from mine, which was exciting to see. Priscilla is in her first year at Architecture school and I can’t wait to see what she will do at the end.

Dan Green joined our team in full mode bringing previous experience with commercial projects. He holds an Interior Design degree from IU and will be continuing his studies at the IU Architectural Program. I was really impressed with the quality of his work and how receptive and open he was to learn new techniques of Architecture. Dan had the great opportunity to work along with Russ who has a lot of experience in both architecture and building. Dan also helped us to implement new software [Revit] which has been a vital asset to the team.

~ Ernesto Castañeda


Dan and Priscilla were a huge help over the summer! With their experience in architecture school and past jobs, they were able to jump right in and help with the workload. 

Dan was instrumental in the implementation of Revit for our design team. Setting up a new software is never an easy task and Dan went above and beyond to ensure that the transition was a simple one. 

Priscilla helped me create detailed existing drawings quickly and efficiently all while learning a new program! She was really easy to work with and never hesitated to ask a question. She has an incredible desire to learn.  

~ Alex Minor