On-Site Education with The Project School

Our team has been working with The Project School and Habitat for Humanity on a shed build project that started in 2019. After learning more about housing insecurity, sustainability, community development, and design-centered solutions, TPS began partnering with us to design, customize, and build unique auxiliary backyard structures for Habitat for Humanity homes, in order to help families grow and expand individual life capacity.

The project is centered around Place Making and Design. Our architects, Tucker Jaroll, Alex Minor, and Ernesto Castaneda worked with the students and taught design fundamentals. With the Habitat for Humanity and Project School team we then took that design knowledge and helped guide the 7th & 8th grade students through the construction phase of the sheds at four different locations in Bloomington. You can read more about our initial work with The Project School here.

 We helped the students start from the ground up, literally, by working with them to dig post holes and level the floor system and then frame in the sheds, installing windows & doors, and putting on the roof. Bailey Swan and Seth McCanse led the builds with critical assistance from Sarah Menefee, Bailey Gardner, Jake Loudenbarger, and Scott Rodriguez.

 We are so excited to be able to help The Project School and the students and be a part of this awesome experience in their education.