The Team that Stands with Me

It seems like about once a week I run into someone in town who says something along the lines of, “You guys have so much going on, things must be crazy for you! Hectic.” The reality, however, is very different. It’s true that the first few years of running this business did feel crazy to me. I had no idea whether or not I would be financially successful. I had no idea whether or not people would continue to hire me. The only thing that I was certain of was that I loved the work and wanted to keep at it. There were many, many sleepless nights, though, and I often wondered how long I could maintain at that level of stress.

Oddly enough, as our team has grown and our workload has increased, the level of stress that I experience on a daily basis along with my actual workload has decreased. Certainly, I have gotten better at my job, have created better processes and have become more confident in our work. And as we have built a reputation for quality work and for a quality team, my fear of running out of work has mostly gone away. However, the real source of my reduced stress and many of the successes that we have had over the last few years is not my own personal growth or improvement. Rather, with each highly-skilled and motivated person that we have added to the team, the work that we do has improved. Every single person on our team has a skill-set that is somewhat different from the rest and compliments the skills and talents that already existed on the team. 

So, when people observe that we are busy working in town and that I must be stressed due to that workload, my response typically is, “No, the opposite is much more the case. We are doing better work than we’ve ever done before and we are doing it with less stress and anxiety.” With each year, we get better as a team, more diverse and efficient as a team, and better able to execute consistently at high levels. And, while it’s certainly the case that I am busy and do have important tasks for which I am solely responsible, it’s also more and more the case that the team that stands with me shares these responsibilities across the board, provides redundancies wherever possible, and shares the stress and the work-load in a way that I never could have imagined in the early years of this company. 

For these reasons and many others, I am especially grateful for this wonderful team that we have been so lucky to assemble over the last decade. I have always enjoyed the holiday season and the focus on family and blessings. There is no doubt that I am blessed with this outfit and I look forward to continuing working together as a team to refine our processes, improve in our craft, and work to deliver more consistently the quality of work and quality of experience for which we strive.

– Loren Wood