The Adventure Continues…

John Tatom joined Loren Wood Builders this winter. It’s spring, and he’s leaving. John accepted a position with a firm in Oregon. We were struck by John’s wide array of interests during the interview process.  We have been nothing but pleased with his work ethic, collegiality and skill acquisition. We’re sorry to see him go, but we’re happy that his adventurous spirit continues to lead him to new experiences.

Before working with LWB, John worked as an Assistant Zookeeper, Car Lift Technician and a Piano Tuner. When he was 19, he took a year off from school and traveled the US and Canada, street performing with his accordion and living out of a converted minivan. Once he was done with his travels, he finished up school and received his bachelors in Environmental Management. After graduating from Indiana University’s SPEA program, we hired him to do IT work and work in the field as an Apprentice Carpenter.

John says that working for LWB has given him more appreciation for the skill and hard work it takes to create the infrastructure around him. According to John, “It has been a great experience to work with such a reputable company that emphasizes creating individualistic projects and executing them to perfection.”

John will be moving to Portland, Oregon to begin a career with BMW Constructors. BMWC is an industrial construction company that works in a wide array of fields including aerospace, chemical, electric power, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, refining and semiconductor. He will start out coordinating their custom fabrication shop.

If you go looking for John in Portland you will probably find him mountain biking, camping, tuning pianos, or at a skatepark (all with his dog, Sam).

Farewell, John. Keep dreaming the dream and keep us posted on the next adventure!