Welcome, Lloyd!

We want to make a formal introduction here to Lloyd Williams, who just joined our team in early October.

Lloyd started out managing projects over 25 years ago and has managed projects that range in size from simple one-off short term projects to highly complex, high risk, international applications. Moving from corporate roles to consulting regional and international roles, he eventually started his own consulting company, which has worked with hundreds of businesses and delivered projects in almost every state and some abroad.

Last year, Lloyd and his wife Beth hired Loren Wood Builders to build them a custom home. Lloyd and Beth had built and renovated multiple homes in the past, we were very familiar with the process. In Lloyd’s words, “I was amazed by the quality and personality of everyone who worked to build our house. After taking some time away from my consulting practice and looking ahead I realized that the LWB culture is something that I have been seeking.”

Simultaneously, those of us who had the opportunity to work with Lloyd through the construction of his home, and through some other side endeavors, had gained a great deal of respect and admiration for his rich skill-set. When Lloyd reached out to us to discuss the possibility of working with us, we were unanimously on-board with bringing him and his experience onto the team.

Lloyd hit the ground running, immediately adopting a hands-on approach on the Hoosier Heights project, while simultaneously applying his consulting experience to help us continue to refine and improve our processes and our operation.

Lloyd, we are super excited to have you on board!