Welcome, Alyssa!

Raised on the eastside of Indianapolis, Alyssa studied art as an undergraduate, completing her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Herron School of Art + Design with a focus on Sculpture. Toward the end of her degree, her artwork shifted from sculptural objects to curated environments – small rooms that were designed to evoke specific emotions and control the experience had by the viewer. From this point, it was easy for Alyssa’s interest to be piqued by architectural design as she recognized the influence it has on a person’s day-to-day life and the positive impact that can be designed by an architect. This guided Alyssa to the completion of her Master’s in Architecture from Indiana University in 2022, after which she joined LWB.

Alyssa is interested in numerous areas of design, including lighting design and structural engineering. A large portion of her undergraduate degree was spent exploring light-based sculptures. During her graduate degree, she developed an independent study that utilized algorithmic modeling and an interactive physics engine to experiment with irregular architectural form-finding and the structure necessary to make it buildable.

In her free time, Alyssa loves to travel with her fiance, see live music, and spend her time outside. She continues to practice art, mostly in the form of sketching and painting. Since 2013, she has trained and performed as an aerialist – originally with the Indianapolis circus school, Cirque Indy, and now independently as she transitions to Bloomington.