What We Are Seeing in the Building Industry

When the Coronavirus and the ensuing shutdown hit, we could have never predicted that the construction industry would continue to thrive. In fact, when this started to impact the US and businesses started to close, many of our jobs started canceling and all signs pointed towards a broader slowdown in work. We took that time, like most in our community, to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. After being labeled essential, we organized and educated ourselves on how to proceed safely and then got to work. Fast forward a few months and the current reality is very different from what we had anticipated at the start of the shutdown.

We are currently seeing between 5 and 10 inquiries each day of people reaching out to us for help with their home projects. We are so grateful for this response! It has allowed us to keep our staff employed and busy and has helped to keep our business afloat. 

My interpretation of this is that while people are spending this time at home, nestled into their own spaces, they have more time than they’ve ever had in the past to consider what needs to change about their homes. While we are getting inquiries for all types of work, we are getting disproportionate outreach for decks, porches, and kitchens.

Frankly, while most people know us as home builders, this type of remodeling work actually represents the bulk of what we do. We are excited that folks are reaching out to us for these projects and look forward to tackling this work in the months to come.

During the quarantine and now as things are slowly opening back up, we are still out there working and our team is very busy. But we wanted to say thanks for contacting us, and thanks for allowing us to help you with your home projects.