Introducing our Client-Centric Design Studio

We recently acquired our neighboring building which was formerly a travel agency to expand our office workspace. This client-centric space, now known as the Design Studio, serves as an extension of our creative team’s domain and plays an integral part in our overall design process.

The design studio provides designers and clients with a resource for comprehensive support throughout the entire design process – from schematic design all the way to construction. Our well-stocked studio allows us to show clients design and style options in a timely manner. This allows us to maintain our strong commitment to the aesthetics of the project and provide a highly positive client experience. 

Our carefully-curated materials library ensures clients and designers have the best selection of tried and true “LWB approved” materials to choose from for their project. By bringing our clients’ desired material options to them, they will be able to make seamless selections. And if, for some reason, our materials library doesn’t contain what’s needed, we are here to help guide our clients on what to look for when searching for the perfect materials.

When the project began, the office was still filled with furniture from the travel agency that was occupying the space. To make room for the material samples, the cubicles and desks had to be cleared out. Once the old furniture was removed, the materials were then organized and cataloged on a comprehensive spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains important information on each material, like manufacturer, size of the material, uses, cost, and location in the library. This spreadsheet is useful for the design team as it gives them the ability to search and view all of the material information in one convenient place.

After the materials were organized, the old office went through a dramatic transformation with a new framed wall and entrance to close off the upper level of the building, a fresh coat of paint, new window coverings, and furniture. A new deck replaced the worn-out one, as well as display-style shelves to store the materials in an orderly, visible fashion. Additionally, a cozy lounge area was created with a sofa, coffee table, and shelves to delineate the space from the rest of the library. Lastly, TVs were installed on the walls for clients to view design presentations.

We are so proud of the impressive work that Priscilla Rocha, Faith Buskirk, and the rest of the design team have put into making this a useful and creative space for our clients and team to enjoy!