Streamlined Silhouettes

These clients desired a home infused with modern design, with a sensitivity to the historic context of the Zionsville Village. This community pays great attention to the overall aesthetic of each home and how it relates to the neighborhood as a whole. There’s a consistent rhythm of gable roofs, covered porches, and well-designed landscaping that reinforces the charm of the community. In order to keep that charm, this new home needed to be proportioned to match the silhouettes of its neighbors.

A simplification of the traditional street-facing facades guided the scale and proportion of the two major wings of the home. Traditional, gable roof silhouettes were created and stretched toward the back of the site. The larger volume houses the public/ gathering spaces, with the smaller volume housing the primary suite and a guest bedroom. The windows were organized and placed in reference to the interior spaces rather than focusing on the symmetrical appearance from the outside. Exterior finishes, colors, and materials were used to reinforce and maintain a sense of comfort as you approach. The color black was used to minimize the bold modern forms from a distance, yet highlight them as you get closer.

A 4ft by 8ft mahogany door greets you as you enter into the home. While inside, the scale of the entry is compressed down to draw attention to the release experienced while stepping into the main gathering areas. Every room is intentionally designed around its occupants. Bold pops of wallpaper, tile, and well-designed lighting fixtures create unique and personalized spaces. Long sightlines and the continuing pattern of timber trusses help create order and familiarity for a first-time visitor.

Rather than being an element that is added on, the screen porch is designed as an extension of the dining room and south kitchen. When the 4 panel sliding doors open, the transition between inside and out becomes effortless. When you step down from the porch, you are welcomed by a greenhouse and detached garage that are tucked away from public view. Landscaping, pavers, and large planter boxes are used to create outdoor spaces that leave no corner untouched and without purpose.

With comprehensive architecture, landscaping, multiple structures, interior design, decorating, furniture layouts, and procurement, this project represented a whole team effort by the LWB design-build group and was such a pleasure to undertake.

Photos by: Sarah Shields Photography