Finding New Ways to Lower our Carbon Footprint

We are always on the lookout for more sustainable ways of building and materials that are more energy efficient for the homeowner. We decided to try Glavel in a new construction build as a replacement for foam board under the slab. Glavel also replaces much of the structural gravel substrate, eliminating in-fill stone costs for insulated slabs and crawlspaces.

What is Glavel? 

Glavel is a company based out of Vermont that specializes in manufacturing a light-weight aggregate from recycled glass. The product, a foam glass gravel, is a highly stable and versatile product that has been successfully used in building and infrastructure construction. Its technology enables the construction industry to more cost-effectively insulate below the slab and achieve substantial reductions in the building material embedded carbon. In easier terms, it is recycled glass bottles injected with air bubbles.

Glass that would otherwise be sent to the recycling center and possibly be crushed and sent to a landfill, can be reused as a viable product that can act as a better insulator in construction. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, “only 33 percent of glass is recycled. Often it is collected, ground up into cullet and dumped into a landfill.” 

This product isn’t made from fossil fuels, does not emit greenhouse gases, and doesn’t need to be sprayed with a fire retardant. Also in recent news, Glavel announced that its manufacturing will transition to 100% renewable energy in the summer of 2020.

Our mission at LWB is to continually search for more environmentally friendly alternatives and we are more committed than ever to conscientious construction. 

“We love the fact that we’re going to be taking something of little or no value and turning it into a product that’s good for the planet and an amazing alternative to a petroleum-based product that’s laden with lots of chemicals, and do some good.”
– CEO Rob Conboy